FlexPress4 Four Layer Compression Bandage System


FlexPress4 is a complete compression bandage kit. It contains 4 unique compression wraps as well as adhesive strips to secure the wraps. It is effective in the management of edema related to venous leg ulcers and other associated conditions for individuals with appropriate arterial circulation and ankle circumference. May be worn for up to 7 days.

Layer 1 – Padding Bandage (4” x 3.8yds.) – Soft and absorbent. Protects bony prominences from excessive pressure.
Layer 2 – Conforming Bandage (4” x 4.9yds.) – Elastic and highly conformable. Provides additional absorption.
Layer 3 – Compression Bandage (4” x 9.5yds.) – Provides gentle compression.
Layer 4 – Cohesive Bandage (4” x 6.5yds.) – Provides additional compression while holding the layers securely in place.

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